Eyes On Lance Stroll

It is rumored that Toto Wolff of Mercedes F1 team and Chip Ganassi, who is an entrepreneur in American racing are both looking to pick up Lance Stroll.

He has emerged as a leader in the Formula 3 of the FIA European Championship. Wolff has been eyeing this talent who is upcoming as he has panache for picking up young drivers who show potential. He has managed Valterri Bottas as well before he took up his role in Mercedes.

Many might think that Lance’s father who is a super rich fashion magnate in Canada, Lawrence Stroll, might have been instrumental in his son getting success early in his racing career. But that is something that has worked against Lance as well, which many of the experts feel. The reputation that Lance has developed in the market often works against him. Many feel that he has been able to attend classes that have been possible due to his father’s successful standing. However, people also need to recognize the talent that he has inherent in him. This is what Wolff has discovered in Lance. He feels that the talent and maturity in the body is evident when you speak to him. He is only seventeen years of age, when one talks to him the maturity that the boy has been akin to someone who is 35 years of age.

Nico And His Thoughts On Russian GP

With the Russian GP already here, all eyes are on Nico Rosberg. He is clearly one of the favorites of the race and all eyes are on him.

However, even though he and his team are way ahead in points, Nico feels that it would be unwise to sit back and take it easy. Being part of the Mercedes team, he has gained 75 points after completing the three races that have taken place this year. He has been victorious in China, Bahrain and Australia and hence, most fans are hoping that he would be able to repeat the pattern this weekend as well.

Nico refuses to be complacent about this race. The threat that has come on from Red Bull and Ferrari as well as Lewis Hamilton, Nico feels that it would be foolish to sit back. Even though the car is the fastest one out there, Nico feels that it is hard to predict. Though the previous weekend races have gone well, it would be unwise to think similarly for the upcoming one.

Massa admits Williams lack Ferrari’s pace

Brazilian Formula One driver Felipe Massa has conceded that the Ferrari has a lot more pace compared to his Williams car after he lost out to new Ferrari signing Sebastian Vettel in the race to finish behind the two Mercedes cars at the season’s curtain raiser at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne last weekend.

The Brazilian was cruising comfortably in his starting position of third behind the two pace setting Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg before being caught behind the Red Bull Racing car of Daniel Ricciardo which allowed Vettel to pass him on lap 20. Massa eventually finished behind the German in fourth position, a full 4 seconds behind.

Massa reckons that although Ferrari might have had the faster car, he would have managed to keep Vettel in check if he had not lost time behind Ricciardo. He said that it is true that the Ferrari is faster than the Williams, but still, not by much and could at most be one – tenths of a second.

He mentioned that being in front was the best option he had because the track at Albert Park is not easy for overtaking manoeuvres and to lose from that position is not easy to digest. He mentioned that he is a bit disappointed but it is still the start and there are still a lot more races to go before the season is over.

Renault Pondering Over GP Future

Renault is contemplating over his F1 strategy and is planning a move that might lead to return of full branded effort.

Whilst it’s presently concentrated on improving the power unit for helping Red Bull in its challenge to Merc for title, the eminent French auto maker has confessed that its long-term aspirations are focused elsewhere.

The elite auto maker is now contemplating over the fact that whether it would stay as mere engine supplier or it would strive to bigger its presence across the F1 circuit.

Albeit creating a new team right from scratch might not be on the list yet one possible solution is to amp up investment on outfit to ensure its status as full-branded Renault-works squad. Cyril Abiteboul, the managing director of Renault F1 stated that they are planning to achieve something with the power of marketing.

“”We’re here for the marketing purpose. Thus, if we would need to perform things tad differently from marketing perspective, we are ready. There isn’t any question of ego here. Our priority now is to effectively deliver marketing messages in utmost cost-efficient way.

New F1 Grid Poses Tougher Criteria For Young Drivers

The new F1 grid has come up with tougher qualifying rules for young drivers. The young turks aspiring to take part in F1 should be minimum 18 years that completely rules the possibilities for legendary names like Sebastian Vettel, Ayrton Senna, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button- had the rule been introduced during their initial year at Formula One

According to the new norm, the young drivers would need super license to race at F1 which is dependent on fixed set of points to be earned from racing at the junior competitions in a 3-year period.

The drivers have to cover minimum 300 kilometers in a Formula One car & hold a legal driving license. The 17 year old Max Verstappen, who would be having his Formula One debut in 2015 would stand ineligible in case the rules get enforced immediately.