Renault Pondering Over GP Future

Renault is contemplating over his F1 strategy and is planning a move that might lead to return of full branded effort.

Whilst it’s presently concentrated on improving the power unit for helping Red Bull in its challenge to Merc for title, the eminent French auto maker has confessed that its long-term aspirations are focused elsewhere.

The elite auto maker is now contemplating over the fact that whether it would stay as mere engine supplier or it would strive to bigger its presence across the F1 circuit.

Albeit creating a new team right from scratch might not be on the list yet one possible solution is to amp up investment on outfit to ensure its status as full-branded Renault-works squad. Cyril Abiteboul, the managing director of Renault F1 stated that they are planning to achieve something with the power of marketing.

“”We’re here for the marketing purpose. Thus, if we would need to perform things tad differently from marketing perspective, we are ready. There isn’t any question of ego here. Our priority now is to effectively deliver marketing messages in utmost cost-efficient way. (more…)


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New F1 Grid Poses Tougher Criteria For Young Drivers

The new F1 grid has come up with tougher qualifying rules for young drivers. The young turks aspiring to take part in F1 should be minimum 18 years that completely rules the possibilities for legendary names like Sebastian Vettel, Ayrton Senna, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button- had the rule been introduced during their initial year at Formula One

According to the new norm, the young drivers would need super license to race at F1 which is dependent on fixed set of points to be earned from racing at the junior competitions in a 3-year period.

The drivers have to cover minimum 300 kilometers in a Formula One car & hold a legal driving license. The 17 year old Max Verstappen, who would be having his Formula One debut in 2015 would stand ineligible in case the rules get enforced immediately. (more…)


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Hamilton urges McLaren to keep Button

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton has urged McLaren not to let Jenson Button leave the team at the end of the season, describing him as a better driver as most of the others on the grid.

Spaniard Fernando Alonso is widely tipped as the driver to re-join McLaren ahead of the 2015 season after announcing his departure from Ferrari at the end of the season, cutting short his five year stint with the Italian team with two more seasons still to go in his contract and it is expected that the Englishman Button will be the one to make way for the former double world champion.

Button had hoped that it would be rookie youngster Kevin Magnussen who would be making way for Alonso in the team but according to sources within McLaren, they would prefer a team of the hugely experienced Alonso and the rookie Magnussen rather than have two number one drivers in the team, a situation they have been faced with before when Alonso and Hamilton were part of the same team.

The 34 year old has not yet made a decision about his future in the sport but it is expected the Englishman will not join any lesser team just to prolong his career in the biggest motorsport event in the world but would rather seek fresh challenges.

Hamilton said that if he had a team, he would want Jenson Button to be one of the drivers in the team, describing him as a great asset. He went on to add that it is not that McLaren need a better driver, adding that Button is one of the best out there but they want a better car.

McLaren is expected to announce the arrival of Alonso when the season winds up after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


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Drivers looking to make the most of the qualifying race in Sochi

The inaugural Russian Grand Prix is tipped to be one of the most successful ones in recent times. The Sochi Autodrom is situated near the Black Sea and is one of the most picturesque locations. A number of other activities are also planned in order to attract more and more people to the circuit. The area is one of the hotspots as far the tourists are concerned with sea, mountains and recreational facilities. There are a number of nightclubs which are quite popular. Moreover the son of Russia Daniil Kvyat will be participating in the race. A specific stand will be reserved for his fans. Each of them will be given out souvenirs signed by the racing star himself. The qualifying rounds have already been held and going by the crowd turn out in the same it is expected that there will be even more support on the race day.

The qualifying round that was held recently was won by Nico Rosberg pipping his teammate Lewis Hamilton to claim the top spot. They were closely followed by Jenson Button. But the major threat to the Mercedes drivers still remains Fernando Alonso who finished at the fourth spot. He has been strangely out of sorts this season but will try to prove a point this time around. The drivers seemed very excited to check out the new track and enjoy the challenges. They overcame some of the technical difficulties to put up some good performances. The bright sun that was out this time proved to be very fruitful for the drivers who found it very difficult in the wet conditions in Japan. The Suzuka track did not prove to be a very lucky one as Jules Bianchi met with a severe accident that has left the entire racing world in a state of shock.


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